MERU Seelisberg - Heimat für das Zeitalter der Erleuchtung


3-5 Juni: Maharishi Gandharva Veda Konzert

Suprio Dutta, Indranil Mallick, & Oindrila Roy Mallick

Freitag, 3 Juni, 20.00 Uhr (Abendkonzert: vokal tabla)
Samstag, 4 Juni, 11.00 Uhr (Morgenkonzert)
Samstag, 4 Juni, 20.00 Uhr (Abendkonzert: vokal, tabla & tanzen)
Sonntag, 5 Juni, 11.00 Uhr (Morgenkonzert: tanzen)

Suprio Dutta

Suprio is a distinguished performer in Hindustani Vocal Classical music tradittion and has performed extensively in India as well as in North America, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Europe.

More about Suprio: homepage

Indranil Mallick

Indranil is an established and award winning tabla virtuoso. Born into a family of genuine music connoisseurs, he started his training at the age of five.

More about Indranil: homepage

Oindrila Roy Mallick

Oindrila Roy is a well-known name among the younger generation of dancers from the Indian classical Bharatanatyam tradition. She started her training at age five and frequently tours and performs in Europe.

More about Oindrila: homepage

16-19 June: Weekend Retreat

With Günther Greussing

18-19 June: TM Advanced Techniques

4-14 July: World Peace Assembly

With Pieter Riemens from Belgium

9-10 July: Gandharva Veda Konzert

Ranajit Sengupta

Samstag, 10 Juli, 20.00 Uhr (Abendkonzert)
Sonntag, 11 Juli, 11.00 Uhr (Morgenkonzert)

Ranajit Sengupta

Dr. Pandit Ranajit Sengupta is one of India's leading musicians. His primary instrument is the Sarod. He has spent the last 20 years touring the world.

More about Ranajit: homepage | facebook

15-17/22 July: World Peace Assembly

With Claude Newell-Lesslauer from Switzerland

30 July - 2 August: Swiss Governors Meeting

17-31 August: TM-sidhi course & World Peace Assembly

Viva l'Italia!

28 October - 6 November: World Peace Assembly

With Rudy Briel from Germany